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Lara Glew Ltd Providing all things Visitor Management

Lara Glew was formed in 2004 and at first specialised only in visitor management. It all started after there was a great need worldwide for businesses to sure up there security and ensure there staff and visitors where safe. This led to us developing a range of products and looking to supply things like lanyards, id cards and card holders to the businesses within our area. Our founder Matt Tinder is a leading developer in the visitor management sector specialising in paper based visitor systems.

What is security? Specially on a national level? How does visitor management help?

As you can see we clearly see the level of security that large organisations or institutes put into practice. Another great source to find out more information about visitor management is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visitor_management. This allows them to be organised and efficient to deal with any possible problem that may arise. Here at Lara Glew we have always tried to think of the bigger picture when it came to visitor management and security. By this we mean that we tried to think of as many different possible outcomes that can effect the smooth running of the event you are trying to ensure is secure. Although we specialise in paper based visitor systems we have partnered up with companies that offer both electronic and paper based.

Our recommended electronic visitor system suppliers

Over the course of the years one company that has always provided fantastic support and service to all thing visitor management is Lesar UK.  Lesar have been in business for over 15 years and have an excellent team of visitor management specialists that can really ensure all aspects of your security and visitor system is working correctly for your needs. They are not tied to any particular software or system which allows them to give unbiased advice about which solution would be best for you and


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