7 reasons why front desk staff love visitor management software.

Sign in books are becoming more and more obsolete, and visitor management software is slowly but surely taking over. And a lot of the time the front desk staff are the ones to experience this change first hand. Some places have very busy lobbies/receptions with tens of visitors a day (even more). Visitor management software helps to ensure the front desk staff can continue to do the job required whilst still being able to help any necessary people.


Here are some reasons why receptionists LOVE visitor management.


  1. Receptionists can see visitors details as soon as they have signed in.


Front desk staff can immediately see the details of anyone who has signed in toto the software, they can discreetly check the details and notice any issues that have arose. If any visitors have been pre-booked in then the receptionist can see who is coming, at what time and who they are here to see. This way then can instantly notice if the person in front of the desk is supposed to be there.


  1. No more false/illegible sign ins.


It is a massive security breach when the visitor is left to physically sign themselves in using a pen. The can easily put false identities and claim to be someone else. This is a problem, along with some people struggling with reading and writing because you cannot accurately record who was in the building at that time because you cannot read the text written. This also makes it easier for the front desk staff as they do not have to spend time deciphering text.


  1. Required fields must be filled in before completing the sign in.


It can be an issue when completing written forms that the visitor does not actually provide required* information. This can leave huge holes in records and security. With visitor management, you do not have to worry as they will not be able to complete the sign in without filling the form in. You will get all the information you need and it will be much more accurate.


  1. Realtime notifications


With visitor management software’s you can set up notifications to a host. This means that when a visitor signs in, the host will receive a notification in the form of either an email or text. This especially helps the front desk staff as they do not have to call or find the person the visitor is meeting.


  1. No more mucking around with spreadsheet visitor tracking and reporting.


Reporting on visitor, contractor and employee sign ins should not be a matter of having to Siv through multiple spreadsheets. With visitor software, you can create reports in seconds including being able see who is on site at the time.


  1. No more queues


Do your visitors go through quite a lengthy sign-in process at reception? Do you sometimes have multiple people waiting in line to sign-in?


With visitor management software, you can have one or more kiosks set up for people to sign-in. Visitors can easily go through the sign-in questions and receive instructions for their next steps, making the sign-in process much faster. Front desk staff can be available to greet, assist or answer any questions while visitors sign-in.


  1. It’s got a built-in panic alarm


If for any reason a front desk staff member feels unsafe, visitor management software has an easily-accessible panic button. This can be activated either from their computer or the sign-in kiosk. The panic button triggers a request for immediate help, and can be sent to security staff or other nominated response people.

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