Question 1 – What is cheapest option to monitor my visitors?

Answer 1 – Surprisingly one of our cheapest methods to monitor staff is via an electronic system we have. This can come out as cheap as £30 per month if you already have any popular android or apple device. This will actually get you a pretty good solution with reporting available etc.

Question 2 – Is there an eco friendly option?

Answer 2 – Yes there is a few different options for eco friendly visitor management. We have systems that are completely functional without any need for paper making them a extremely eco friendly option. This would include using your visitors mobile phone devices to send codes to sign when they arrive on site.

Question 3 – Do you still offer print visitor management or paper based visitor systems?

Answer 3 – Yes we do, and we can still supply print visitor management options despite promoting heavily our electronic options we understand some customers still prefer the paper system.

If you have nay further questions or would like to know more about any of the above please don’t hesitate to contact u