Why should your complex include a visitor management system?


You may or may not have heard of visitor management, but the chances are you have probably used some form of it in one way or another. They are used in companies, schools and hospitals to ensure the tracking and safety of anyone in the building. When entering a facility that uses visitor management you will most likely be greeted by a tablet on the front desk asking you to sign in. This will be one of the many visitor software’s that are available on the market today. You will be asked to enter your name, who you are visiting and often even your car registration number. These software’s are put in place to ensure no one enters the building that shouldn’t be there and they are also used to keep track of people in case of a fire or other incidents.

So why should you use these pieces of kit? Below we have listed some reasons we think everyone should implement visitor management at their establishment.

  1. The world is not a nice place.


Violence in the workplace, global terrorism and industrial espionage all threaten the security of the people and the property they inhabit. If an entrance is not secure then the company or service is vulnerable and more open to attacks.


Visitor management is about controlling access, knowing who’s in the building, and making employees accountable for their visitors, experts say that a visitor system that can compromise software tools and ID validation along with physical barriers and a well-designed lobby can be very efficient at keeping the wrong people out and away from your building.


  1. Your reception is your first point of defence.

Many building security experts claim that the lobby/reception is the single most important part of a buildings security when the safety of the personnel inside and the property is paramount. They say that a full operational system needs to physically, electronically and procedurally secure a building.


Visitor management systems are an integral element of the total system and must be capable of:


  • Accurately and quickly capturing visitors’ pictures, signatures, business cards and driver’s license information.


  • Authenticating their ID or credentials.


  • Performing discrete security checks using watch lists.


  • Creating one-time-use visitor badges that feature the visitor’s photo, name, affiliation, host name and authorized areas of access, as well as the badge’s expiration time.


  • Allowing employees to register visitors online ahead of time – and be notified electronically or by phone when a visitor arrives.
  1. Digital tops paper when it comes to security


When using things such as, re-usable visitor passes, log books and security guards to control the visitors coming in and out of a complex the chances of a security breach is much higher.


  • Information written in the logbook can be illegible – or false. You have an inaccurate record of your visitors – and no warning that your visitors aren’t who they say they are.


  • Competitors, hackers and suppliers can read your logbook and gain confidential information about your business.


  • Visitors can neglect to sign out and return their badges; unauthorized visitors can use unreturned badges to infiltrate your facility and gain access to employees, restricted areas, equipment, compounds or proprietary data.


  1. People in your industry are most likely already using visitor software’s.


Its 2017, the world in now pretty much digital. You need to keep up with the trends to stay ontop of the business ladder and that goes for sign in software’s too. We are not saying go and buy the most expensive version available because the chances are it will do much more than you ever need. But in these present times, if you are using the old style of logging visitors then it can have a negative effect on your business as you can come across as outdated and unprofessional compared to others.


  1. Systems offer more than just security.


In addition to strengthening facility security, visitor management systems also:


  • Improve productivity — Visitors are pre-registered electronically and multiple visitors can be processed simultaneously. The system can be integrated with the facility’s existing email system, as well as other business and security systems. It also can be used to set up meetings and attendee lists.


  • Enhance your image — Badges are professionally done and visitors are processed efficiently and professionally, eliminating large waiting lines in the lobby.


  • Improve visitor service — Because they are pre-registered or can be registered quickly, visitors are made to feel expected and welcome.


  • Control resources — The system can track assets and deliveries and provide traffic reports for resource planning.


  • Enhance emergency response — If the building must be evacuated, the system can be used to determine the presence and location of visitors within the facility.


So, they have been some reasons why you should consider upgrading to a digital visitor management system. We hope you take this seriously as security is an important thing when it comes to business and buildings.

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