The real benefits of Visitor management


Many people think that a digital visitor management system is just an added visitor experience when it comes to signing in. But to be honest you would have to be ignorant to not see the added benefits that comes with a visitor management system. These include, faster signing in, better reporting, ability to add photos to ID cards and many more. But these are some of the extras that seem, not essential. That is why we have come up with some bottom line advantages that will either win or lose you.


Way more efficient and better overall security


With electronic visitor management systems, you can pre-register visitors, print temporary ID cards and capture acceptance of important terms of conditions when a visitor arrives. Most systems can send automatic notifications to a chosen operator such as a manager. These can reduce waiting times at reception whilst also sending all visitor info straight to the hosts phone. But how does this impact on bottom line? Detailed visitor information, a reduction in the volume of people milling around the reception area and improved badging systems all help protect against theft and other costly risks.


Lower Operation costs by removing distractions


Did you know that visitors walking back and forth through your employee’s space can significantly reduce the productivity levels? Research shows that once distracted it takes on average 25 minutes to get focused and back on track after being interrupted. The first point of contact for any visitors is of course the receptionist. As they face regular interruptions they can lose on average 2.5 hours of productivity a day. More than a day and a half a week.


Having visible signs for visitors to follow that lead to your sign in software will keep people moving in the direction you choose. Clients and visitors won’t be aimlessly   waiting for someone to tell them what to do, they will be signing in and letting the manager know they have arrived. Of course, if visitors use the software then they will not be distracting the reception team as much which leads to increased productivity.


Reducing dishonest contractor bills


Some people like to take the micky, in any profession you get people that can be quite the opposite of they claim to be, in this instance many companies have reported that building contractors have in fact charged for way more hours work than completed. And the companies could not dispute this as they did not have efficient visitor tracking systems. The visitor software can track the time of arrival and even any breaks they take for dinner and things as they must sign out of the building. This can accurately track the time the builders have spent on the job and they do not have to leave it to the contractors to configure.


Go Green and save

It may not make a huge difference in the grand scheme of things if you switched from paper to digital in the sense of saving the earth. But over time if more and more businesses do in fact switch to digital rather than paper tracking then millions of pieces of paper could be used for a different reason other than this. This in return reduces the number of trees needed to create these products. Also, you and your company will save so much time when dealing with visitor occurrences. You do not have to sift through years of records to find the ones you are looking for. You can just quickly search a database and boom. You have the results you wanted.


Never Miss Important deliveries/Expected Visitors


Have you ever noticed that the only time an appointment is early is when you are either running late, or when an important delivery arrives and even just stepping out for a quick coffee? Well with visitor management you have not to worry. You can set up real time notifications that can be sent over a wide variety of networks including email and sms. You can also set reminders so that you never again forget the client is coming.



These have been some points we think are vital to know when deciding on a visitor control system whether it be paper or digital. If you enjoyed this post then please don’t hesitate to check out our others!



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